Friday, February 25, 2011

It's the you-know-Hoosiers

It's been seven months since we heard from them, but at last The Hoosiers are back with the follow-up to Choices.

It's called Bumpy Ride, a title which neatly sums up the band's recent fortunes. At the beginning of 2010, they scrapped an entire album and set off in search of a synth-pop sound, only to find that ship had basically sailed. Choices and it's parent album, The Illusion Of Safety, may have reached numbers 10 and 11 respectively, but someone clearly felt that wasn't good enough - hence the loooong gap between singles.

The album has now been reworked for a third time, and rechristened Bumpy Ride in honour of the new single. To be fair, the track is a great little radio song. Inessential, perhaps, but incredibly catchy.

The question: Will it find an audience?
The answer: Not if The Hoosiers have anything to do with it.

For no good reason, they've spunked their entire video budget up the wall making a Hangover-inspired Las Vegas mini movie. It chops the song into tiny unrecognisable pieces. It features a censor-baiting pole dancing sequence. It ends with a shot of a baby causing irreparable damage to a koala with a shoe (one of these statements is untrue).

Still, it looks like it was a blast to shoot.

The Hoosiers - Bumpy Ride

The single is out on 28th March, with the album due on 11th April.

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