Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Free download from Groove Armada's Saint Saviour

You may remember Saint Saviour as the vocalist on Groove Armada's Paper Romance, a scurrilously filthy electro glam barnstormer from last February. It went like this.

Groove Armada - Paper Romance

Now Ms Saviour, aka Becky Jones, is setting out on her own. Without the aid of a manager, label or publicist, she's put together an altogether listenable EP called Anatomy, which is due out on 21st March. Unlike the sparse piano demos on her MySpace page, it's all swirling synths, dramatic vocals and doom-laden bass lines. If you liked Siobhan Donaghy's Ghosts, this is going to be right up your street.

The lead track, This Ain't No Hymn, was described to me as "Marcella Detroit versus Robyn". It's much, much better than that, with more atmosphere in it's brief 4'40" than a million all-nighters at Russ Abbot's house.

Sadly, I can't share it with you now... But you can grab a free download of track 2, Birdsong below. I guarantee it's worth the pointing and clicking. Especially if you're making a mixtape for an exorcism.

Saint Saviour - Birdsong

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