Saturday, February 12, 2011

Brand new pop from the mouth of a lady called Spark

You may have heard of the Liverpudlian, Brit school-educated, singer-songwriter Spark. In fact, you might even have heard about her on this blog, when I wrote about her last November. For those of you with short attention spans, she looks like this:

But who is she? How do you define her? Let's see what the Oxford English Dictionary has to say on the matter.

Spark, n.
Pronunciation: /spɑːk/

1. A small particle of fire, an ignited fleck or fragment, thrown off from a burning body or remaining in one almost extinguished, or produced by the impact of one hard body on another.

2. A woman of great beauty, elegance, or wit.

3. A spotted or parti-coloured bullock.

4. A small diamond.

Funnily enough, that's about 75% accurate.

Spark - born Jessica Sparkle Morgan - spits and crackles with the energy of a box of firecrackers. She is indeed a woman of great beauty and wit. And, after Marina Diamandis hand-picked her as a support act, you could justifiably describe her as a "small diamond".

I'm not so sure about the bullock thing.

Anyway, the 18-year-old has just put out the video for her new single, Crave. A dirty, funky slab of synthpop, it's aimed straight at the heart of the Jessie J market for people who look a bit like Cher Lloyd off X Factor.

The video sees the young singer being chased around by an evil race of malfunctioning photocopiers. Creepy. But catchy.

Spark - Crave

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