Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Who or what are Those Dancing Days?

As I am too lazy to write my own review of Swedish girl band Those Dancing Days, I decided to set a task for the hive mind of the internet.

I went to Google and typed in two search phrases - "Those Dancing Days" and "Those Dancing Days +Review". Here are the 50 most commonly recurring words from the first page of results.

So what have we learned?

:: Those Dancing Days are a "Swedish" band from "Sweden" who made an "album" of "music".

:: The internet has correctly identified the presence of band members Mimmi, Rebecka, Cissi and Linnea, but not the keyboard player, Lisa. Poor Lisa :(

:: Those Dancing Days have "played" the "guitar", and their music is "good".

I think we can all agree that this has been a triumph for journalism.

Anyway, while we ponder the death of the English language as a descriptive tool, let's take a look at Those Dancing Days' new single, Reaching Forward. It is actually quite brilliant in a new-wave punky pop sort of way.

Those Dancing Days - Reaching Forward

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