Monday, January 17, 2011

Musical statues on ITV's Daybreak

I'm not a massive fan of Aggro Santos or Like U Like, his collaboration with luscious-lipped Girl Aloud Kimberley Walsh. But you have to admire the commitment of his backing dancers.

During the implausibly-titled segment Something Cool Before The Kids Go To School on ITV's Daybreak show, a quartet of dancers were forced to hold their positions for a full two minutes while Christine Bleakley asked her searing and insightful questions ("it's very early, isn't it?") The troupe remained statuesque throughout this ordeal, despite what must have been the massive temptation to die horribly of boredom.

And then, just when they were ready to break out some awesome moves, Christine Bleakley smirked into the camera, "don't go anywhere, we'll see you after the break".

What a bitch.

Aggro Santos ft Kimberley Walsh - Like U Like

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