Friday, January 7, 2011

Jessie J: Dressed for success

Here are some pictures of Jessie J, who is officially the SOUND OF 2011, because everybody said so.

Singing a song in front of lights spelling out your name: Classic pop star behaviour.

Dressing up as the Chrysler building: Amazing!

Wearing a hat: Due to the inclement weather conditions.

Doing a poo in front of a loudspeaker: Unhygenic.

Coming to eat your brains: Like a zombie, yo.

Doing that thing with her eyes: Probably another illuminati puppet.

Naked except for a double semi-quaver: Because she is baring her soul in her music.

Sorry: This appears to be Cher Lloyd.

So, well done to the Jessie J (or Jessica Cornish, as her mum calls her). She is displaying all the signature traits of a deranged pop star / psycho serial killer. I wish her nothing but the best for 2011.

Meanwhile, here are some things I did for the radio about Jessie, and the rest of the Sound Of 2011 "crew". They are above average at best.

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