Thursday, January 27, 2011

If you only watch one video today...

...It should be the new single from Metronomy.

You know when you're flying through the sky on a stallion made of orangeade and you think to yourself "this can't actually be happening?" You're suddenly aware you're in a dream, but you're enjoying yourself so much that you avoid waking up, so you can enjoy the fake feeling of the fake breeze rustling through the fake mane of your fake stallion (who is called Steve and speaks Portuguese).

This video tickles the same pleasure sensors in your skull. It is set in a dream (natch) and, although Steve is sadly absent, there's a ton of visual goodies to compensate: Stuffed cats, reverse Jenga and a human domino rally. It must have been a right pain in the arse to film.

The directors are French prodigys Jul & Mat. The song is called She Wants. The video looks like this.

Metronomy - She Wants

Well done, everybody.

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