Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Animals dancing in the Safari Disco Club

You shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but you can generally judge a pop star by their outfit. Rockers who avoid the official black denim uniform are not to be trusted, nor are pop stars who "keep it real" by refusing to wear eyeliner and tin foil boob tubes.

As you can see from the pictres above, French electro-pop maestros Yelle have passed the book-cover/pop-star test with flying colours. Nothing says "experimental gallic dance music" better than ridiculous, vision-obscuring headgear. Just ask Daft Punk.

The band's new single, Safari Disco Club, is also the title track of their new album, Safari Disco Club. According to RCRDLBL, the lyrics compare "men parts to potatoes". But of course.

Safari Disco Club by YELLE

Safari Disco Club comes out on 21st March in the UK, but you can get the single for a nominal fee of ZERO PENCE at the band's official website. How will they eat?

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