Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Old song, new video: Gorillaz

Hello, do you want to buy my album? It is not a brand new record but it did come out this year and I am worried you might have forgotten about it because of tuition fees and the party you are no doubt organising to celebrate the release of Aung San Suu Kyi.

To jog your memory, I have recorded a "music video" for one of the songs on my album. Although it is not really a music video in the commonly understand format. It is in fact a tour visual featuring my good friend and former bete-noire of the so-called establishment, Snoop Dogg.

My album is called Plastic Beach and it is basically a Damon Albarn solo record about the environment, but with some rap bits tacked on at the last minute because I realised I always sell more records when I pretend that I am a cartoon, even though I have not been a cartoon since the early days of Blur (satire).

Plastic Beach is available at a supermarket near you, but I urge you to boycott the Tescos and Asdas of this world and buy it from your local grocer instead.

Power to the people,
Damon Alba... I mean Murdoc

Gorillaz - Welcome To The World Of Plastic Beach

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