Thursday, December 2, 2010

Not rubbish girl band alert

Pop fans have to face it, with Nadine Coyle walking as far away from Girls Aloud as her spindly legs will take her, the mid-2000s' purple patch of amazing girl bands has disappeared over the horizon.

We are now doomed to weak facsimilies of The Sugababes (*cough* The Saturdays *cough*) while we wait for the cogs of the big music industry wheel to spin through the rock-indie-rap-R&B cycle before it's our turn again.

In the meantime, this is the best we'll get. New ladygroup SoundGirl may have a rubbish name, but they have a promising pedigree - their first single, I'm A Fool, has been written by Miranda 'Girls Aloud' Cooper - and there's something about their style and attitude that brings a young Neneh Cherry to mind.

Plus, they're not exactly difficult to look at.

Soundgirl - I'm A Fool

I'm not crazy about the song, I have to admit, but I'm led to believe it's just the opening salvo in a much bigger and more impressive campaign. Plus, it's not out til April, so there's plenty of time for it to grow on me.

They have some other songs available on their website that hint at a more R&B-led direction, in the style of SWV or Jade, which is probably a good place to look for inspiration, given radio's attitude to pure pop right now.

So, could SoundGirl be the new Destiny's Child or are they merely the 21st Century Mis-Teeq? It's quite literally up to you.

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