Monday, December 6, 2010

The girl bands keep on coming

When I said last week that the golden age of girl groups was gone, I may have been a bit presumptuous.

After mentioning Soundgirl on Thursday, musical demigod Steve Anderson (Kylie, Take That, Britney) sent me a note on Twitter. "What you really need in your life," he advised, "is @TheUltraGirls".

The band don't actually use the apenstaartje symbol* at the front of their name but how achingly current would that be? Answer: So achingly current that @TheUltraGirls would be hired to sing the pips on Radio 4. About ten seconds later, the nomenclature would seem dated and passé but then that is just the nature of pop music.

Currently it is difficult to decide whether @TheUltraGirls will be any good, because we only have one track to judge. Girls Will Be Girls is a fairly typical "we are outrageous but unthreatening" dance-pop number √° la Spice Girls. It contains one great breathless pop moment, when the girls describe themselves as "dangerously heartbreaking, wrecklessly trash-talking, drama-making, red blooded, boy-loving girls". And there is one absolute clanger, where they claim to be "trouble with a capital 'T'", making them sound like a less threatening Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

I wonder which side to the Ultra Girls persona will turn out to be the real one? They hail from Leeds - which is home to both Scary Spice and Corrine Bailey Rae, so it could go either way.

You can hear Girls Will Be Girls over on their MySpace page, or sample this quite acceptable cover of The Wanted's Lose My Mind right here:

The Ultra Girls - Lose My Mind

* That's what the @ symbol is called in Holland. It means "little monkey tail".

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