Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Video: Cheryl Cole - The Flood

Cheryl Cole's perfectly acceptable ballad, The Flood, now has a perfectly acceptable video courtesy of Sophie Muller. Therein, our heroine mopes around Dover and lights so many candles you begin to wonder if she's been hired to cater Simon Cowell's next birthday party.

Cheryl Cole - The Flood

Now, it might just be me [it is definitely just you - ed] but the scenes where Cheryl is draped over a rock in some sort of subaquatic ballroom made me wonder

1) How did they hang up the chandelier?
2) Will she end the video with an underwater bar brawl, like in the film Top Secret?

Sadly, the answer to number 2 was "of course not, you freak". So here's that scene in full, for anyone who has never witnessed Val Kilmer's finest hour.

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