Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Marina "announces" album number two

Marina and the Diamonds teased fans with the prospect of a follow-up to The Family Jewels at London's Roundhouse last night.

"I'm going to play a new song from my new album," she told the audience. "Although it's not that new. Being the impulsive person that I am, I decided it would be a good idea to give away every song I'd ever written online before I signed a record deal."

The song in question was Jealousy. And it sounded like this.

Marina and the Diamonds - Jealousy

I seem to be some sort of bad luck charm for Marina. The first time we met, I interviewed her in the pouring rain at the Latitude festival, sitting at a picnic table with our jackets pulled over our heads. When I last saw her in concert, she was sneezing and spluttering with a nasty flu.

Last night, the run of bad luck continued, as her show was beset by a parade of technical problems - culminating in the hugely expensive, five-screen video installation giving up, leaving a frantic cursor darting about the screen trying to restart the system. Unless that was intentional.

No-one seemed to care, mind you. Despite a set top-heavy with b-sides and album tracks, there was a huge amount of goodwill towards Ms Diamandis. Dressed in a svelte black catsuit with a neon illuminated heart-shaped belt, she trilled and squawked like an apprentice diva.

Self-help anthems such as Obsessions and Are You Satisfied struck a chord with the teenager, while the older pop fans went crazy for Oh No and I Am Not Robot (which remains one of the finest British pop songs of the 21st Century).

It was a shame the video screens conked out - as there were some interesting visuals during the first half of the show, including a fantastic Bond Girl opening sequence. Fingers crossed the second album will earn Marina the dollars to go really crazy with her staging. On this evidence, she could go totally Yoko.

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