Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jessie J's video is one big bundle of cute

Awww, she got a little snowflake on her nosey-wosey!!

Okay, I lied. Jessie J's debut video is a cavalcade of crotch-grabbing, low-dipping, snarling sexuality. You betcha, she's one edgy, take-no-prisoners motherflipping Female With Attitude.

Do you know how I know? Because she hangs around with people who could be supermodels if only they weren't so busy getting fake tattoos and holding cigars they haven't actually lit. Because some of those "friends" may be about to have a same-sex kiss, although we cut away just before the good bit. And because Jessie snatches the camera off its tripod and sings right down the lens 'cos no-one can tell her what to do, am I right? AM I RIGHT?

The thing is - I'd taken the lyrics of Do It Like A Dude to be a sly dig at the pimp bitch posturing of modern R&B. "Anyone can act rough and dirty," Jessie seemed to be saying, "but I have a bit more class". But when you spend your whole video going 'Oooh, aren't I terribly rude?' it kind of detracts from that message.

This, viewers, is what I get for reading subtext into pop lyrics.

The song's still a corker (and so is the mighty Labrinth remix). Maybe you won't be as put off by the video as I was.

Jessie J - Do It Like A Dude

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