Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oooh, Mona (pt I)

The scene: A record company office, circa September 2008.

Ridiculous haircut 1: "Have you seen this? Kings Of Leon are number one."
Ridiculous haircut 2: "The Kings Of Leon? I'm sorry, I don't recall..."
RH1: "Yes, you do. The band with the guy who sings like he's chewing a squash ball."
RH2: "The ones with the drinking problem and the Yosemite Sam moustaches?"
RH1: "The very same. They're bloody number one."
RH2: "Wait. Let me Google this... Jiminy Cricket, you’re right!
RH1: "And slashdotpitchgumstereohype has given their album eleventy stars. Out of a maximum possible total of three."
RH2: "You know what this means, don't you?"
RH1: "I am booking tickets to Tennessee as we speak."

Fast forward 24 months, and we can introduce Nashville rock quartet Mona.

Mona - Listen To Your Love

The band were signed to Island UK and Mercury US at the end of September, after one of those undignified record label bidding war bun fights. Their manager is Saul Galpern, who also steered Suede to success. He says, unsurprisingly, that they are "incredibly special" and a return "to proper rock and roll". Of frontman Nick Brown, he says: "He reminded me of a boxer, so driven and so ambitious, so hungry for success in a really good way". Sounds like a utter joy to be around.

Cynicism aside, I really like the single - originally recorded live in a basement - and the 1950s boy band promo shots. One to watch out for on the BBC's annual Sound Of poll? I think so.

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