Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mark Ronson and Boy George video premiere

Somebody To Love Me is without doubt the highlight of Mark Ronson's Record Collection album. Boy George handles vocal duties and, even though eight other people take the writing credits (including Jake Shears and Cathy Dennis), it turns out to be a thoughtful, sorrowful look back at the last few turbulent years of his life.

The key lyric is: "I want someone who'll be nice / See the boy I once was in my eyes". It's powerful enough on its own, but when the vocalist is a "boy" by name, and delivers the line with a noticeable quiver in his voice, it makes your stomach plummet like a brick in a swimming pool.

The video ramps up the poignancy just a little more by using (recreated?) home video footage of Boy George in the carefree days of his youth. Directed by Saam Farahmand - who previously shot 3 Words for Cheryl Cole and Islands for The XX - it has a definite lump-in-throat quality.

And a banana.

Somebody To Love Me is premiering on the Dazed & Confused website right now, so click on the above to watch the full clip - or try following this link.

Once you're done, have a look at this TV advert for Mark Ronson's album. It might cheer you up after all that maudlin self-contemplation.

Mark Ronson - Record Collection advert

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