Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Introducing Zola Jesus

This Christmas, Florence And The Machine is releasing yet another version of her admittedly-quite-good debut album, Lungs. This third (fourth?) repackage comes with exclusive artwork, new sleeve notes, one new song, that abomination with Dizzee Rascal, a pendant, some remixes, some live tracks, a clod of soil, a breath mint, five stamps, a lithograph of Florence's GCSE art project, a ticket stub, a fairy's tear, a moonbeam, a wheel of brie and, for one lucky recipient, Florence's actual lung.

It's all very exciting, but why not save yourself all that clutter and buy Zola Jesus's new album instead? It sounds exactly like Florence and The Machine AND she promises not to turn up without provocation or invitation to every festival in the universe singing You Got The Bloody Love until the original loses every atom of its power.

Here are two of Zola's songs. They are quite literally embedded below.

Zola Jesus - Sea Talk

Zola Jesus - Night Music

Both tracks are available on the album Stridulum II.

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