Thursday, October 21, 2010

Press release vs reality - pt 293

Allow me to introduce up-and-coming artist Roxanne Emery. She's got a beautiful Lisa Loeb-esque voice, and a new single that sounds like this:

Roxanne Emery - Real

Gotta love that cello.

There's a lovely story in Roxanne's official biography, which will be the basis of around a dozen stories in the music press in the next month. Here it goes:

"Until last year [Roxanne] was a trader in the city for Russian firm Renaissance Capital. She repeatedly asked her colleagues to come to her gigs, but when her requests fell on deaf ears she took matters into her own hands, took her guitar to the trading floor and burst into song one morning at 6.30am. Everyone took notice and her boss then said that if music was something she wanted to do, he would support her decision. It's a quite a career change, but the City's loss is definitely our gain because her music is understated, subtle delight, a collection of perfect pop songs, but each concealing a hidden heart."

I'm not saying this touching anecdote is untrue - in fact I have been assured it definitely is - but you're not quite getting the full picture. Before you are inspired to quit your job and pursue a career in music, bear in mind some of the other things Roxanne had going in her favour:

1) Her brother is superstar DJ Gareth Emery
2) She sang on dance act Cosmic Gate's underground club hit A Day That Fades
3) Her manager is Anne Barret - who steered Natalie Imbruglia to fame.

Of course, none of Roxanne's makes her music any less moving or impressive. Check out her MySpace page for another fantastic track, Cold Heart. There is also a foxy picture and a free download. And what could be better than that on a freezing cold Thursday morning?

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