Friday, October 8, 2010

And while we're on the subject of great cover versions...

The continuing Robbie'n'Gary promotional tour / mutual love-in is truly a heartwarming thing to behold. Just watch Gary's face in this video from Radio One's Live Lounge yesterday, as he steps back and lets Robbie take the lead on a cover version of Take That's Shine.

There's something parental in that mix of pride and concern in his eyes. And the way he mouths all the words - always on the cusp of intervening, but managing to hold back and let his charge stand on his own two feet.

It's almost as if Robbie's playing Joseph in the school nativity after six months off with whooping cough.

Robbie Williams - Shine (Live Lounge)

"I'm always worried for him," says Captain Barlow at the end. Awwwww.

And don't forget that there's a new Take That single, called The Flood, knocking about this morning. Here's a tiny bit of it.

Take That - The Flood

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