Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This is not Cee-Lo's new video

Cee-Lo has quite possibly made the video of the year for his new single F**k You. But can I let you see it? Can I bollocks. No, you have to go to Facebook and "like" the video before Warner / Atlantic will let you have a peek.

What happens if, having watched the clip, you decide you don't "like" it, after all? Tough cheese. You've already told everyone in your friends list that you do. It's a trick that's cheaper than Lidl.

The video is super-cute, by the way, with a tiny child acting the role of Cee-Lo in a Technicolor period piece set in a 60s diner. I could post some screenshots but, do you know what? I don't feel like helping out the record label right now.

Here's a picture of some pants on a washing line instead.


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