Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sacrilige corner: Lauren Pritchard

Lauren PritchardOn paper, Lauren Pritchard has a lot going for her. She's got a great voice; her single Painkillers has a chorus to die for; she starred opposite Glee's Lea Michele in the hit musical Spring Awakening; and she hasn't exactly been punched in the face by Captain Ugly.

But every time she pops up at festivals and radio sessions, she performs a relentlessly horrible cover version of TLC's Waterfalls. The original makes its heavy, socially-conscious message easier to swallow by coating it in a technicolor sugardrop of candy (with the most amazing elastic-band bassline you have ever heard).

Lauren ditches that approach and turns in a turgid sermon of earnest seriousface "sincerity". The whole thing is delivered in a faux-soulful croon that sounds like a miserable housewife scolding a wet dog.

And then she attempts the rap.

Lauren Pritchard - Waterfalls

Simply horrible.

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