Friday, September 17, 2010

A picture of Duffy

BZZZZRT! A press release announcing Duffy's new album has just landed in my inbox. "NEW DUFFY PICTURE ATTACHED" it declares. Let's take a look at her drastic new image:

Duffy on a moped

Yes, Duffy has thrown the baby out with the bathwater. She has avoided repitition like the plague. She has recklessly abandoned all her principles.

She has, er, swapped her bicycle for a moped. How very Italian. Ciao!

We're hoping that, by album number seven, Duffy will be driving a tank or straddling that gigantic truck from Ciara's Work video.

A very big truck, yesterday

In other news, Duffy's album, Endlessly, has been written with Albert Hammond. No, not the one out of The Strokes, but his dad, who penned The Air That I Breathe for The Hollies. It is out on 21st November.

PS: Using the EXIF information on the jpg file, I can "exclusively reveal" that the above picture of Duffy was taken on 14th August, using a fancy-pants Phase One medium format camera. You heard it here first.

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