Friday, September 3, 2010

New music: The Pierces

Not Bond girls

Hello there. Here are two sisters from America's Deep South who may or may not be witches. They are called The Pierces and they make music that would not sound out of place in a carnival designed by Tim Burton. On the day after the apocalypse.

Catherine and Allison say they cast a spell in order to get a record deal and - hey presto - Polydor stepped up and agreed to release their Coldplay-endorsed third record. History does not record whether the staff of Polydor then held a celebratory dinner where their A&R man floated above the table and lip-synced to Harry Belafonte's Jump In The Line.

An EP comes out to set the scene on 27th September, and the lead track is a gothic depth charge called Love You More. Simultaneously sensual and sinister, it goes a little something like this.

The Pierces - Love You More

10 facts about The Pierces:

1) Allison is the brunette one. Catherine is the blonde. I totally Googled their ages, but no-one was admitting anything to anyone.

2) Both sisters are former ballerinas.

3) Allison was kidnapped at the age of 16 by “a radical born-again, gypsy, dancing troupe that whisked her around the country on a dilapidated bus”.

4) The band split up in 2008 - but the very next day the sisters received a call asking "if we wanted to join Coldplay on tour in South America..." and decided to they might have a career, after all.

5) Catherine has an abnormally high resting body temperature of around 99°F / 37.5°C.

6) Their ambition is to "kick Madonna's ass".

7) Allison was thrown out of school for biting boys. Like a vampire.

8) PAY ATTENTION BROADSHEET JOURNALISTS: Catherine was once engaged to Albert Hammond Jr out of The Strokes.

9) Catherine's favourite movie is Edward Scissorhands and Allison's is Woody Allen's Manhattan.

10) Their former single Secret is the theme tune to hit US TV show Pretty Little Liars, and it has a darn good video.

The Pierces - Secret

So there you go.

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