Friday, September 17, 2010

Brace yourselves for a Riley good song

Talay Riley has the X FactorAfter the whole X Factor debacle, we know there's such a thing as auto-tune, but is there another device called the "auto-sound-exactly-like-Taio-Cruz-amatron?" Because I swear I couldn't tell Taio, Tinchy and Talay apart in whatever the listening equivalent of a blind taste test is called.

This is sad because, as I mentioned before, Talay Riley is a cut above his contemporaries. That's him on the right doing his best "I've Got The X Factor" arms.

When it's not being wanged through a thousand processors, he's got a voice like hot buttered toast. And his production is way more exciting and soulful than the loop-it-and-leave-it efforts of the competition.

Talay's debut single, Humanoid, has just been playlisted at Radio 1 and the video features what I am reliably informed are "pecs you could bounce a coin on". Whatever that means.

Talay Riley - Humanoid

By the way, Talay, this lyric isn't as sexy as you think: "All freaky little ladies beware / this humanoid's coming fast".


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