Friday, August 27, 2010

Tumbleweed corner

Shhh... It's all gone quiet. There won't be any new music round here today. Not unless you want Katy Perry album tracks, questionable taste cover versions or South African rap artists so bad you think they may be taking the piss out of you, themselves, Nelson Mandela and music itself.

In the meantime, then, here is one of my favourite award show performances of all time. No prizes for guessing its a Janet Jackson clip. Two things to note here:

1) The dance breakdown at 4'00" is one of the best pieces of pop choreography ever committed to film.

2) I used to have a massive crush on Nikki Pattenburg, the curly-haired dancer on the far left. These days, she is married to R&B schmaltz-meister Babyface.

Janet Jackson - That's The Way Love Goes / If (1993 MTV VMAs)

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend. Apparently we're due a new Kylie video when we get back to work on Tuesday, so that's nice.

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