Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"There's a place in France..."

It almost seems unfair to sit here and criticise Ke$ha. With that dollar sign in her name, and the crass nasal drawl of her singing voice, it's already safe to assume she's not aspiring to credibility.

Nonetheless, it's astonishing to witness the lack of effort that's been put into her latest single. When pop is often misrepresented as "kids' nursery rhymes", it takes a certain audacity to simply recycle a playground chant for your chorus.

Warning: The following song plumbs so far into the depths that it has discovered seven new species of sub-aquatic life, all of which pose an imminent and terrifying threat to humanity.

Ke$ha - Take It Off

Everyone sing along with me...

"There's a place in France,
where the naked ladies dance
and there's a hole in the wall
where the men can see it all
Their minds go blank
'cause they're dying for a wank
And the mice play snooker with their balls!"

(I never understood that last line.)

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