Thursday, August 12, 2010

Better late than never: An MIA video

MIA, shortly after all of her leg bones dropped outShe's always shunning convention, that MIA. Writing her album's name as a series of keystrokes (/\/\/\Y/\) so that you can't Google it. Making short films about murdering gingers. Marrying multi-millionaire record company executives.

It must get tiring, though, bucking the trends and defying people's expectations all day long.

Would you like salt or pepper with your penne arabiata? NO WAY, ASSHOLE. That's just SOCIETY forcing its PREJUDICAL CONVENTIONS on my tongue.

Do you need a receipt with that? HA HA HA You can't fool me with your FASCIST SURVEILLANCE techniques. I will set your FACE on FIRE.

Fancy coming to see Toy Story 3 later? ARE YOU KIDDING ME, TWATBAGS? There are CHILDREN DYING in SRI LANKA.

MIA's latest escapade is to make a video for her truly excellent single XXXO, just two short months after it was released. I warn you now, she directed it herself.


If your head hurts after sitting through that, then spare a thought for MIA's poor husband, Ben Brewer. Imagine living in a house where MIA has control of the decorating budget...

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