Friday, August 20, 2010

Alexandra Burke fast-forwards to end of her career

It is astonishing how quickly Alexandra Burke has managed to squander every ounce of good will pop fans had for her this time last year.

The latest step in her campaign to alienate her entire audience is this festering corpse of a music video.

Alexandra Burke - Start Without You

By the 0:33 mark, I'd raised my eyebrows so high they were hovering four inches above my head.

Why is she singing in the middle of the gay olympics? Will the "muscle-bound" "hunks of meat" finish the video by spraying their armpits with Alexandra Burke-branded roll-on deodorant? More importantly, what happened to the expensive-looking street scenes Alexandra filmed in the US and posted on her official YouTube page two months ago?

None of these questions have been answered satisfactorily. But one thing is for sure: The fans aren't happy. Here are some eloquent experessions of distaste from the comments section.

"Video is cringe" - tinajonas1000
"NO NO NO!!!!! What has you done!" - The Alixsz
"This is embarrassing" - thebirdisblue
"i actually voted for u on xfactor, back when you had talent." ancho101
"She stresses me out. I'm such a major fan, but what is this?" - jordan9893

Still, at least one person appreciated the video. "Its weird but I kinda like this," wrote Raisa. "Watch´╗┐ it a few times and it grows on you."

Is it just me, or has Raisa just experienced some... er, unusual feelings for the first time?

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