Monday, July 19, 2010

An outbreak of common sense

There's a strange thing happening in the music industry at the minute - bands are scrapping complete albums with the acquiesence of their record companies.

Off the top of my head the list includes The Scissor Sisters, Eminem, Massive Attack, Daisy Dares You and The Hoosiers. Both the Scissors and the Hoosiers have gone on the record as saying they abandoned the finished tracks with the full support of their label, who could have made a quick buck by releasing the existing material (and who would have to fund further studio sessions).

PolkaNu-rave pioneers The Klaxons could claim to have started the trend, having taken three years to follow up their award-winning debut, Myths Of The Near Future. The fly in the ointment is that they were actually instructed to re-record the album after turning in a "dense, psychedelic" (ie rubbish) master tape.

This has all turned out for the best, as the band's new single Echoes is really rather good indeed. Built on the solid foundations of Golden Skans, it kicks off with 15 seconds of feedback before blasting into space with a kinetic, piano-driven riff.

The lyrics are the usual spooky rubbish about other worlds and "the ninth wave" - but The Klaxons also deploy the word "liminal", which the dictionary defines as a sensory threshold. I think this refers to the feeling of being desperate for the loo but having to hold back your wee.

Klaxons - Echoes

Meanwhile: Here's the artwork for The Klaxons new album, Surfing The Void.

Klaxons art

Surely this would have been better?

Oh Hai

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