Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Hurts video for old Hurts song

Cheer up, twatbagsThe whole Hurts campaign has been a bit of a mystery to me. What is it with all the ballerinas? Why has Ingmar Bergman been exhumed to direct all of their videos? Why are they trying so desperately hard to look like the Pet Shop Boy Juniors?

Anyway, the grinding tedium of their self-important "image" aside, the band have some quite good songs. Wonderful Life is one of them. And, having received a limited release last year, it's coming out properly on 23 August.

This calls for a new video. It features a swimming pool, some architecture and - you guessed it - ballerinas.

The band sneakily allowed people to embed it earlier this week, then changed their minds, leading to lots of pop blogs with broken black boxes on their front page.

I'm not falling for that trick, so here's a picture of the artwork (caution: pretentious). If you click on it, you will be transported magically to the safe arms of YouTube to see the clip "in full".

A man stands on the edge of an unfinished motorway flyover, pondering his existence in a world where technology has alienated us from OH GET OVER YOURSELVES

If you liked that song (welcome back!) you should also try the superior Arthur Baker remix and the above-average Freemasons dance reswizzle.

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