Monday, July 26, 2010

Hip-hop video convention smashed

Kid Sister misunderstood when the photographer suggested taking "the money shot"Here's the latest video from utterly brilliant / completely underrated hip-hop star Kid Sister. Filmed in and around her stomping grounds in downtown Chicago, "she makes it pop from the roller rink to the Superdawg" (it says here).

In blatant contravention of the Golden Rules Of Rap Videos, Kid Sister spends the entire three minutes with a smile on her face. Not once does she shower herself in money, disembark from a helicopter, crack open a bottle of champagne or drive slowly past a police car, giving the cops a disrespectful glare. What on earth is she thinking?

The song - Big N Bad - isn't my favourite track from her debut album, Ultraviolet, but it is the most obviously commercial. Structured around a hyperactive, replayed sample of Yazoo's Don't Go (note to Professor Green: This is how it's done properly) it will undoubtedly spark a fist-pumping three minutes of mayhem at a beach party near you this summer.

Kid Sister - Big N Bad

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