Friday, July 2, 2010

Foal-some Prison Blues

I am about to embed the video for The Foals' new single, Miami, which is out this week. However, in a change to normal procedure, I suggest you take the following steps.

1) Press "play".
2) Quickly open a new tab in your internet browser (CTRL+T)
3) Read an interesting article while enjoying the lithesome music.
4) I suggest this piece on Lady Gaga and the Illuminati.
5) Or this one about how the internet is destroying our attention sp...
6) You'll probably end up looking at animals with their tongues out instead.
7) Whatever you do, don't click back to this page until the music ends.

Ready? Here we go...

Foals - Miami

If you do choose to watch the video, you may recognise famed transgender campaigners Calpernia Addams and Glamourous Monique. And some oil. And some blue powder paint.

If that's what Miami is really like, I'm staying in Brentford.

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