Wednesday, July 28, 2010

File under 'experimental'

Get a haircut, hippy21-year-old Will Wiesenfeld is creating a bit of a stir in the States, with his trippy, experimental pop music. It's got all the glitchy beats and fractured atmospherics of Bjork or Radiohead, married to the lilting croonery of D'Angelo.

Going under the pseudonym "Baths", the mutton-chopped multi-instrumentalist samples everything from pen clicks to the sound of running water but, crucially, his compositions hang together like proper songs. There's structure, melody and harmony amidst all that techno tomfoolery - and it's frequently beautiful.

His latest single is called Lovely Bloodflow, and it sounds like this.

Baths - Lovely Bloodflow

I also find myself entranced by this video of Baths performing an earlier track, Plea, using a laptop and what appears to be a futuristic cash register.

Baths - Plea

There's tons more of this stuff over on Baths' official MySpace page. Remember MySpace? Whatever happened to that?

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