Friday, June 25, 2010

Top of the rank like Pearl and Dean

It seems the well of new music has dried up because everyone is off at Glastonbury (except me, I'm off to the theatre tomorrow because I'm all cultured and shit).

In the meantime, please enjoy this "blast from the past".

Betty Boo - Doin' The Do

That's 20 years old. TWENTY!

If you were born today, Betty Boo would have as much cultural and musical relevance to you as Doris Day and Vera Lyn had to me when I plopped onto the planet in 1974.

Oh, and if you are slumming it in Glastonbury, the current rumours are, in order of aweseomagicality:

1) Thom Yorke & Johnny Greenwood on the Park Stage tonight.
2) Biffy Clyro will be on the Park Stage tomorrow at 6:40pm.
3) Kylie is joining the Scissor Sisters on stage tomorrow.
4) Tinie Tempah will guest with the Gorillaz tonight.

In the past, the perennial Glastonbury rumour was always that Michael Jackson had died. Somehow, these "surprise" guest appearances don't quite live up to that... RIP Mr The King Of Pop.

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