Monday, June 28, 2010

Prince does extreme seriousface

Counting to 1,000 backwardsPrince was given the lifetime achievement prize at last night's BET Awards. To celebrate, the organisers made him sit through a 15-minute performance of his own songs by "major artists" you have probably never heard of, and Alicia Keys.

Up-and-coming R&B singer Janelle Monae gave her all to a performance of Let's Go Crazy, at the end of which she was dragged off the stage and committed to an institution; while Patti LaBelle delivered the worst performance of Purple Rain since records began.

Throughout, Prince pulled a face that suggested he'd just been stabbed in the liver and was desperately trying to use the power of his mind to stem the bleeding. Luckily, Alicia Keys managed to pull of a decent version of Adore (one of the best ballads of all time, and that is the truth) and he got up to give her a standing ovation without his liver plopping onto the floor with a soggy splat. It was truly a miracle.

You can watch the whole performance, and Prince's incoherent acceptance speech below. Unless the video has been removed. In which case, use your imagination to recreate the very things I have just described.

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