Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New music of a dancey-guitary variety

William Fitzsimmons is an Illinois-based musician with a touch of the Sufjan Stevens to him. His songs have been used in (yawn alert) pivotal moments of permanently wet medical drama Grey's Anatomy.

For most sane people that would be a sign to run for the hills - presuming William Fitzsimmons wasn't at the top of those hills strumming his acoustic guitar with a meaningful face. Although I've never seen anyone strum a guitar with their face before, so that could be worth a journey to the hills in its own right. But what if the taut steel guitar strings started to rip away chunks of William's tender, vulnerable face flesh? You wouldn't want to be there to clean that mess up.

All things considered, it's probably best to stay exactly where you are and avoid listening to William Fitzsimmons altogether.

Only I'm about to throw a massive spanner in the works (any sized spanner would do, but I happen to have a massive one) because somebody called Pink Garnter has gone and beefed up one of William's drippy acoustic ballads with drum beats and rumblesome bass notes. The effect is beyond tolerable, in a "this will probably end up on a Hed Kandi compilation" kind of way.

Here it bloody is.

William Fitzsimmons -So This Is Goodbye (Pink Gartner remix)

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