Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kylie - inspired by granite

So, I've escaped the Eurobubble in Oslo - but while I was there I may have inadvertently stumbled across the inspiration for Kylie Minogue's new video.

To the north of the city centre is a huge sculpture park designed by visionary / madman Gustav Vigeland. He spent a lot of time making casts of people in erotic orgiastic poses - plus this famous one of an angry baby.

Vigeland's Angry Boy sculpture

The centrepiece of the park is a 14m-high granite obelisk, wrapped in 121 naked human bodies, all clambering hungrily on top each other. It could represent mankind coming together to reach towards heaven; it might be suggesting that man will always trample on his fellow man to get to the top; it might be a Norwegian sex party in the form of a giant phallus. No-one is really sure.

But take a look at the monolith, then watch the video for All The Lovers, and tell me the two aren't connected.

Vigeland's monolith

Kylie - All The Lovers

Of course, I might be over-intellectualising this. Kylie's glorified underwear advert also made me want to take out a second mortgage.

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