Monday, June 28, 2010

Glastonbury 2010: The view from the sofa

Another year, another weekend spent in front of the television going "why didn't I buy tickets for this?" Next year I will be tweeting up a storm from Worthy Farm. Mark my words.

Until then, here's a lazy person's view of what they saw on the television this weekend when they weren't treating picnic tables with Ronseal.

Snoop and Damon, together at last
Gorillaz flopped. They just don't have the rousing, sing-along choruses of, say, Blur. Or U2.

The Edge and The Muse
When The Edge plucked out the opening riff to Where The Streets Have No Name, Muse's spine-tingling Glastonbury set reached its zenith.

Stevie Wonder rocks the keytar
Stevie Wonder brought mile-wide grins to everyone’s faces. Superstition, Uptight, Signed, Sealed Delivered. A masterful, remarkable end to the weekend.

Scissor Sisters and Kylie
In a massive breach of security, Kylie Minogue rushed onto the stage during the Scissor Sisters' set.
Thom Yorke
Thom Yorke gave us his best Bjorn Borg impression during Radiohead's "surprise" set.

I love hot chips
Hot Chip must have built a nest under The Other Stage. How else do they get onto the bill every year?

Shakira, shakira
Shakira presented her bottom to the world like a Baboon in heat.

Marina and her Diamond sunglasses
Marina and the Diamonds did a very good Hammond organ version of Mowgli’s Road while dressed in a comfort blanket.

Phoenix looked very, very French and were very, very good.

Paloma Faith
Paloma Faith did something totally unpredictable and mad involving balloons.

Kate Nash
At one point, the normally calm and measured Mrdiscopop exclaimed: “Kate Nash is as talented as a bucket of sick”.

Snoopy Doggy Dogg Dog
Snoop Dogg looks like he’s wasting away. Someone should feed him a Bonio.

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