Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yeezy - By the power of Greyskull

We think two opposing but simple things about Mr Kanye West. One, he is a genius. Two, he is a massive dick.

His new song does nothing to disprove either theory. On the one hand, it is a King Crimson-sampling, filthy put-down to his critics. On the other hand, West raps about his "childlike creativity, purity and honesty" without any attempt at self-awareness, humility or not being a massive dick.

Interestingly, the song attacks the cast of Saturday Night Live for a sketch about his infamous MTV Awards outburst, but fails to address South Park calling him a gay fish. This leads me to believe that West's forthcoming album, Good Ass Job, will have a track called "I am totally not gay, and I am totally not a fish. To clarify further, I am not gay whether the setting is aquatic or not. I am also neither a straight fish nor a bi-curious mollusc." If it doesn't, then I am taking it as further proof that Kanye West is a massive dick.

Kanye West - Power

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