Friday, May 7, 2010

Snipped up Scissor Sisters

Scissor Sisters - Fire With Fire artworkThe new Scissor Sisters single, Fire With Fire, is basically incredible.

It's a slow-building, piano-led pop anthem that - like the recently previewed Invisible Light - demonstrates the Sisters have finally recaptured their mojo. Presumably using a spandex tiger net.

Chris Moyles premiered the record this morning on Radio 1, and (surprisingly) got it 100% right by saying the song owed a huge debt to David Bowie's Starman.

For complicated copyright reasons, I cannot post the track here - but here are the three best bits.

Dramatic, scene-setting opening line.

The chorus pokes it's head around the door and says, "hello, I am amazing".

The final, euphoric chorus explodes out of a satsuma and kisses your face off.

You can hear a much longer, better quality clip on the official Scissor Sisters website. Or track down the full radio premiere on the BBC iPlayer - it starts about 1hr 46mins into the show.

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