Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New video: NYPC - We Want To

Tahita Bulmer of New Young Pony ClubThe recent New Young Pony Club album, The Optimist, is very listenable. It's not going to change the world or anything, but it has a clutch of brilliant melodies and an art-school vibe that'll make "real music" snobs feel better about listening to a record where the average tempo exceeds 100 BPM.

The band have just sent out their new video, We Want To, accompanied by a handful of press quotes written by those self-same music snobs. Look at how they trip over themselves trying to imbue a cheery 80s pop song with importance and meaning.

"We Want To opens as a chipper ESG/Delta 5 stomper before efflorescing into aching and injured pop brilliance" (NME)

"A bouncy juggernaut" (Time Out)

"A pulsing, metric disco chant-a-long" (Artrocker*)

A quick scan of reviews for The Optimist, reveals that NYPC are custom-designed to elicit pretentious bollocks from anyone with a pen. Thank goodness for The Independent, who managed to pin down the album with the simple phrase "like The XX learning to dance".

Like the reviews, the band's new video isn't half as clever as it thinks it is - but don't let that distract you from a very, very good song.

New Young Pony Club - We Want To

* Yes, there is really a magazine called Artrocker. The mind boggles.

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