Thursday, May 27, 2010

Janet Jackson on American Idol

I met Janet Jackson last week. My 16-year-old self would have vomited cornflakes on his shoes at the very prospect. Now that I'm a seasoned, cynical journalist, that would never happen (I have Special K for breakfast these days) but it was truly a heart-in-the-mouth moment.

They say you shouldn't meet your heroes but she was absolutely lovely. Shy and quietly-spoken, as you'd expect, but with no diva trappings other than running an hour late. She raised the painful topic of Michael's death - even though I'd been warned to steer well clear of such things - and made plenty of eye contact as she described her issues with self-esteem and weight loss.

The interview was principally for her upcoming film Why Did I Get Married Too - so there wasn't much music talk, but she told me she was "taking calls" from major labels, and was really impressed by the dancers she recently auditioned for July's Essence Music Festival in New Orleans.

I can't really go into much more detail (except she looked stunning in a tan military-style jacket, with her newly cropped hairdo swept back like a California wave) - I just needed to write something down before the embargo on my interview lifts in SEPTEMBER!! That's so far away, I might even have washed my hands by then.

So, here's Janet doing Again on American Idol last night - followed by her soundalike new single Nothing, and a couple of minutes of Nasty. Much, much better than her X Factor performance last year, and proof that Ms Jackson still has it up the wazoo.

Janet - Again / Nothing / Nasty

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