Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Your mother wouldn't like it

US saucepot Ciara has made a new video which features some of the best dancing you'll see this year (unless, of course, you've already booked tickets for that 3D Diversity film).

It is four minutes of utter filth - which you can only watch on YouTube (YouTube). Here is one of the more SFW screenshots.

Ciara in the video for Ride

The lyrics are a variant on that old R&B standby - riding in cars as a metaphor for doing rumpo on a boy. In this instance, Ciara is riding "the beat" as a sly way of referencing her carnal lustcakes.

And in case lyrics like "I can do it big / I can do it long" are too nuanced for you, she rams the point home by taking off most of her clothes and twitching her crotch at your eyeballs as if to say: "You see me? You see sex? Love it."

Thus, we can ascertain that international R&B star Ciara, with her pots of money, supple torso and above average face, has definitely boffed someone.

And who said music videos weren't educational?

:: Ciara ft Ludacris - Ride (embedding disabled at her majesty's pleasure)

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