Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sister Act

Kid SisterWe went all gooey-eyed over Kid Sister's last two singles Pro Nails (with Kanye West) and Right Hand Hi - both records you SHOULD have on your iPod if you like Queen Latifah, Salt'N'Pepa, Missy Elliot or Eve. They're seriously, seriously good records.

Daydreaming is the next single off her debut album, Ultraviolet (out in May) and it's a bit of a deviation from the bug eyed electro-rap we've gotten used to.

Co-written with Gnarls Barkley's Cee-Lo Green, it shares musical DNA with Boy Meets Girls' Waiting For A Star To Fall and Kelis' Little Star - aka the one everyone said Cheryl Cole ripped off for Fight For This Love, even though the only similiarity was the use of a glockenspiel in the bridge, as if those were the only two songs in the history of music ever to feature that obscure and outlandish musical instrument you find in EVERY ORCHESTRA IN THE WORLD.

Anyway, the song is pretty catchy in a summery, carefree way. A solid 6/10, compared to the 8/10 we'd have given Kid Sister's previous efforts, but well worth three minutes of your day.

Kid Sister ft Cee-Lo - Daydreaming

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