Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Guess what? She's still not a frickin' robot

Marina and the Diamonds in the Live Lounge at Radio 1

I bumped into Marina of "and the Diamonds" fame at Television Centre on Monday. She'd just done an interview on BBC Breakfast and sheepishly admitted she'd forgotten to plug her single (you can watch the interview here - I like the bit where she says hello to her mum).

But let's face it, you'd have to be an IDIOT not to know that I Am Not A Robot is out this week. What's more, it comes with a ton of amazing new remixes. In fact, before you go any further, check out the Clock Opera mix on YouTube. It's like a piƱata exploding gently in your earholes.

As part of the promotional tour, Marina was over at Radio 1's Live Lounge last week doing Robot and a string-soaked cover of 3OH3!'s Starstrukk, which is something of a revelation, given how soul-drainingly terrible the original was.

You can listen to them both below, or watch videos of the performance on the Radio 1 site. I've also embedded a splendid surf guitar cover of Marina's Hollywood, by fellow Welsh act Kids In Glass Houses, which I discovered about a month ago and promptly forgot about.

Marina and the Diamonds - I Am Not A Robot (live lounge)

Marina And The Diamonds - Starstrukk (live lounge)

Kids In Glass Houses - Hollywood (live lounge)

Oh, and if you haven't heard enough versions of I Am Not A Robot today, watch this cute-as-baby-chicklets video from the pupils of Public School 22 in Staten Island, New York. Too brilliant for words.

PS22 Choir - I Am Not A Robot

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