Friday, April 30, 2010

Christina's video tribute to Express Yourself

We have had a full calendar month to get used to the new Christina Aguilera single, readers, and it hasn't got any better. If anything it's deteriorated, like a scrap of food that's got stuck under the sofa and gone so mouldy you can't be sure what it used to be. I mean, it was probably just a crisp - but if that's the case why does it smell so strongly of mackerel?

Anyway, Christina has just unveiled the video for said single, Not Myself Tonight. There is a huge (ie pointless) debate raging about whether she is trying to copy Lady Gaga, but if you ask me the whole enterprise is a 15-rated tribute to Madonna's Express Yourself video. Let's have a look at the evidence:

Christina looks through an eyeglass Madonna looks through an eyeglass
Blonde woman sees something shocking through her monocle

Christina drinks milk Madonna drinks milk
Woman in catsuit drinks milk from a bowl, like a cat

Men dance in the rain Men dance in the rain
Bare-chested men dance in the rain, observed from an elevated viewpoint

Christina does it with some guy Madonna does it with some guy
Rumpo! Full-on, uncensored Rumpo! (with rude bits covered up)

Christina's coat Madonna's coat
Inadequately dressed woman removes coat to reveal her BRA!

Christina spills some milk Madonna spills some milk
"Oh no, I have spilt this saucer of liquid all over my shoulder. Clumsy me".

As you can no doubt tell from the screenshots, the Madonna version wins on such factors as lighting, shot composition, artistry, class, iconoclasm and sex appeal. In Christina's favour... erm... er... the picture is sharper??

Embedding for both videos is disabled "by request". So watch the Christina one on the other side of this link and the Madonna one over here.

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