Thursday, March 4, 2010

Look at Alison Goldfrapp's shiny rocket

We've been living with Goldfrapp's Head First album for a couple of weeks now and can "exclusively reveal" that it is rather good. The songs are simpler and more direct than before, but retain all of the band's sensual pop sensibilities. Phew for that.

The first single, for those of you who haven't been paying attention, is Rocket. It's all about Alison Goldfrapp's lover cheating on her with another woman. And in her own home, the scoundrel.

In the lyrics, Alison straps this [insert topical footballer reference here] character onto a metaphorical rocket and sends him into metaphorical outer space, allowing her to put her troubles to one side and get on with life.

The video chooses to interpret this scenario literally, with the addition of a massive truck (it would of course be necessary for Alison to drive her missile into the desert to avoid damaging any property lying within the blast radius of the launch site). Watch it below....

Goldfrapp - Rocket

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