Friday, February 12, 2010

New music: Akala - XXL

London-based rapper Akala is being touted as the new voice of British Hip-Hop. Music magazines have described his last two albums as "smart and addictive" and a "riot on wax". They also note that he is Ms Dynamite's brother (but his record label consistently ignores that enticing factoid on their press releases. I wonder why?)

But who cares what the "meeja" says? Let's ask the REAL fans; the ones who write reviews on Amazon. Here's their considered opinion on Akala, if that is indeed his name:

"This album features great tracks. I would recommend this album to anyone with musical taste." (Ashmore Smooth)

"Be sure of one thing, this guy will get inside you." (XXX)

"He is our Lupe Fiasco only better." (L Hodson)

"It isn't that hard to listen into, his words are easy to digest but yet he does touch upon many matters." (Deano)

So there you have it. Akala is pretty bloody excellent, okay? His new single, XXL, is out on 19th April and it sounds like this.

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