Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Musical conundrum 345,028*

I don't know what is happening to my ears, but it is disconcerting and weird.

This morning, I was sent a video by Sabrina Washington. She used to be in Mis-Teeq. She's recorded a bouncy, high-energy pop song. It should be right up my street, standing at the front door, rapping the knocker and shouting "I am your new favourite record" through the letter box. But I can't listen past the first 90 seconds without getting distracted by a crumb, or my fingernail, or a... oooh, Ferrero Rocher.

The problem is threefold:
1) It has the same name as a Basement Jaxx song.
2) It lifts the synth riff from Rhythm Is A Dancer.
3) It makes no substantial improvement on either.

Sabrina Washington - Oh My Gosh

On the other hand, I have watched this Swell Season video three times in a row. It shows the duo sitting on the steps of an anonymous building in Dartmouth, playing a lilting, acoustic version of Low Rising.

Perhaps its the voyeurism of watching two musicians who used to be a couple performing in a way that suggests they'd still quite like to be a couple, but I find the video fascinating. The look of unguarded admiration on Marketa's face is heartwarming (or heartbreaking, depending on your personal ratio of romance:cynicism).

The Swell Season - Low Rising (Dartmouth session)

So there you have it: Pop is out. Folk is in. I have turned into my dad.

* approx

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