Friday, February 5, 2010

Laura Marling sex conundrum

Yesterday evening, I listened to Laura Marling's new single, Devil's Spoke. It is pretty much what you'd expect: Husky, folky, sensitive, haunting, beautiful. Great stuff, but unremarkable... Until the end, that is, when Laura gets a bit frisky and sings: "Eyes to eyes, nose to nose, ripping off each other's clothes in a most peculiar way".

Since then, I have been trying to imagine a couple might achieve the act of distinctive denuding. So far, my ideas include:

:: Lick each other's clothes until they dissolve.
:: Place partner in suit of armor, operate industrial-strength magnet.
:: Use vaccuum cleaner to suck off socks, etc.
:: Attach bungee cord to partner's trousers, push them off bridge.
:: Cover each other in moths, wait for larvae to eat off bra and pants.

None of these are entirely satifactory, and Ms Marling gives no further information about her undressing protocol within the song.

If you have any insight or, for that matter, practical experience of how to rip off clothes in a most peculiar way, please contact me at the usual address. No videos, though. That would be weird.

Laura Marling - Devil's Spoke

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